The bank, apprehending the need of the hour, decided to implement Core Banking in the year 2009 to provide for better Customer Benefits, Management and keep up with competition.

Being the premier in this field no readymade software was available to the bank for direct implementation. Hence the software that was finally selected was customized and made ready to cater to the needs of the cooperative sector. All the branches of the bank were finally brought under the roof of Core banking in 2010.

We are the only cooperative bank in Eastern India who has a Data Centre of its own. All our branches and delivery channels function through our fully owned Data Centre. The Data Centre has been made such that there is enough space to let out to other similar banks who want to host their primary DC or Disaster Recovery Site.
The bank has adopted the most modern technology of MPLS VPN for connecting all the branches, delivery channels and DR site.

The programme taken was with much foresight and the bank today is fully equipped to face any technological challenges in the near future. Being in the cooperative sector we consider ourselves to be the medium through which banking technology can be taken to the grassroots of the society.